Play us on Trackman!

Play us on Trackman!

Trackman is a gift to golfers.

Their virtual golf courses allow golfers to play courses all year round, as well as play courses they haven’t gotten to play before.

These simulators are a perfect tool for golfers to perfect their skills and to become familiar with a course they will play in the future.

Trackman know how to truly encapsulate the essence and nuance of a golf course, and Lofoten Links is no exception.

We are so proud and honoured to now be featured on Trackman.

It brings us great joy to share our course with even more people and to see how much fun people are already having playing tournaments

(it just launched on October 25, 2023 – just 9 days ago)

And to hear how excited people are to use “night mode” so they can access our exclusive northern lights feature.

Can you play golf under the northern lights on the real course?!

It is possible, but more likely you will golf by day and watch the northern lights by night from your cozy Lofoten Links Lodge, located just 1km from the course.

Check out how Trackman was so beautifully able to replicate our course on Trackman here

And then get out there and try it for yourself!

Tag us on social media and please let us know how your experience was!