Northern Lights Alert

Here you can see the Northern light (when it is dark enough) : )

Only at Lofoten Links Lodges: 


Get Northern Lights alert on your smartphone when you stay with us!


We are one of the only accommodations in Norway that, together with our partner Live Aurora Network, both show and alert you when the northern lights are visible at our facility.


Lofoten Links Lodges, Lofoten Links and Hov are 3 of the best places to experience the northern lights in Lofoten from August to April each year. The reason is that we our lodges, golf course and beach look out north, to The Norwegian Sea, with no mountains shielding your view.


There is also no light pollution over the sea in the north, which also provides optimal conditions for experiencing the northern lights. Aurora Borealis, as it is also called, is most often seen in the northern sky, adding to how special our location is.


This is also why Live Aurora Network chose our facilities when they set up their ONLY camera in Norway. The location is perfect, as many of their images they post on their instagram account show:


Instagram Live Aurora Network 


Download the app here: Live Aurora Network


Here is a photo taken with the camera at Lofoten Links in November.


There are also other various apps you can download that can send you alerts when the northern lights are in your area. We recommend My Aurora Forecast (it’s free).


Download My Aurora Forecast for Apple here.


Download My Aurora Forecast with Google Play here.


You can also download the app (Lights Over Lapland VR- small weekly or monthly subscription)  to see the lights today, even before you visit us.


Or you can watch the live updates right here at the top of this page.


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Lofoten Links Lodges – The Chillest Way to Experience Aurora’s Dance


When staying at Lofoten Links Lodges, of course you can chase the northern lights in your car or on foot, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO.


You can legit wait for and watch the northern lights from the comfort of the living room sofa, with a fire burning, staying cozy and warm for the entire northern lights show.  We also have outdoor terraces if you prefer to get a get outside to enjoy them.  It’s totally up to you.  That’s what makes our lodges so unique.  You can enjoy chasing, waiting and watching any way you like.


Another cool bonus is that you can enjoy the northern lights from our restaurant, Låven, while enjoying a delicious meal.


How to download the app


You download the Live Aurora Network app (Lights Over Lapland VR) here for a small weekly, monthly or yearly fee.

Or you can watch the live stream here

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