Northern Lights NEW

Here you can see the Northern light (when it is dark enough) : )

Only at Lofoten Links Lodges: 

Get Northern Lights alert on your smartphone when you stay with us!

As the only accommodation in Norway we can now together with our partner Live Aurora Network offer a free* app that both shows and alert when the Northern Lights are visible at our facility. Hov and Lofoten Links are one of the best places to experience the Northern Lights from August to April each year. The reason is that the place is open to the north with no mountains that shield the view. There is no light pollution over the sea in the north, which also provides optimal conditions for experiencing the northern lights. Aurora Borealis, as it is also called, is also most often seen in the sky to the north, the location therefore makes Hov unique where one sees the northern lights even when it is weak and low in the sky.


That’s also why Live Aurora Network chose our facilities  when they set up their only camera in Norway. The location is perfect, as their many images they post on their instagram account shows: Instagram Live Aurora Network 


Here is a photo taken with the camera at Lofoten Links earlier this november: Northern Lights camera at Lofoten Links


Lofoten Links Lodges – the most comfortable way to experience the Northern Lights?

When staying at Lofoten Links Lodges you dont have to stay outside for hours or check constantly if its any Northern Lights outside. And most importantly you dont need drive around to looking for it for hours and hours risking waisting your whole evening and night chaching it. When staying with us you just need to relax in your lodge or at Restaurant Låven and get notified when it is visable and then you can og just outside the building and see it with your own eyes. It cant get much more confortable than that.


How to download the app

You download the app with your smartphone or iphone and select Norway under notification settings. Since the only camera in Norway is located at our facility, you will then have a unique service when you stay with us.

Download the app here: Live Aurora Network



Contact and booking:

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