Lofoten Links – Ranked top 100 Golf Resorts in the world by Golf Magazine!!

Lofoten Links – Ranked top 100 Golf Resorts in the world by Golf Magazine!!




Golf Magazine recently released their “Top 100 Golf Resorts in the World” for 2024-2025 rankings!

Perhaps some of you did not know that we are not only a golf course, but also a golf resort…

And a top 100 rated golf resort too!

We are super proud and excited to make such a prestigious list…

Being able to share our world-class golf course, along with our cozy cabins and local, delicious restaurant is important to us.

We know that our guests come from all over the world to our remote location above the Arctic Circle.

We know this is not only a bucket list course, but a bucket list venue for many of our guests as well.

Because we are in the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights, surrounded by rugged landscapes, dramatic mountains and the Norwegian Sea.

It is almost unbelievable that a link course can thrive here as well as it does.

Over 25 years of exceptional planning and vision, paired with determination and grit, has brought this golf course and golf facility to a close.

When you come here, we want you to play golf as much as you want, eat good food and get a good night’s sleep, all within 2 kilometers of each other.

Read more about what we offer here at Lofoten Links and Lofoten Links Lodges –1 of the 13 best golf resorts in Continental Europe!


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