Catching Up With Jeremy Turner – Golf Course Architect

Catching Up With Jeremy Turner – Golf Course Architect

Jeremy Turner graciously sat down with me for an informal chat about how he got involved in the golf world and how it led him to work together with Tor Alfred Hov, the visionary of Lofoten Links when it was still just an idea on paper.

Tor Alfred was Frode Hov’s father, and after he passed away in 1993, Frode took the idea by the horns and ran with it.  Together with Arnold Nygård, Nils Kaltenborn and Lofoten Utvikling AS, both Jeremy and Frode brought the first 6-hole golf course to life in 1998.

25 years later, the vision has expanded to what is now not only the #1 golf course in Norway, it ranks as the #1 X Factor course in Europe (Golf World) and #4 in Continental Europe (top100golfcourses.com).

Enjoy watching Jeremy reminisce about the creation of the course and his thoughts on where the course is today, while the waves of the Norwegian Sea crash gently in the background.

Jeremy: “A golf course is dynamic; it’s never finished.  There’s always something new to be done. Something to upgraded, renewed, repaired or further developed..”

Interviewer: “Kind of like humans?”


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