Brief History of Lofoten Links


Back in 1991, Lofoten Golf Club was born, but Lofoten Links was just an idea.  It wasn’t until 1998 that Lofoten Utvikling AS was founded, which led to the creation of the first 6-hole golf version of the course in cooperation with Lofoten Golf Club.  12 years later, in 2010, the course was expanded to 9 holes. Finally, in July of 2015, Lofoten LInks was opened as a new and rebuilt 18-hole links course.

Today, Lofoten Links is a spectacular 18-hole golf course situated beautifully on the island of Gimsøya in Lofoten. The course is located by the seaside with an unobstructed view to the North and the midnight sun. Playing and walking the course is a grand experience and poses a challenge to even the most seasoned of golfers.  The Norwegian Sea provides its own water hazard on several holes, while its sandy beaches act as natural bunkers.  This course is not for the faint of heart, but it is truly a rewarding experience and adventure not to be missed!




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Midnight Sun Golf and Northern Lights


From the end of May till the middle of July the sun never sets here on Gimsøya Island! This phenomenon is called the midnight sun, and here at Lofoten Links we offer you a chance to both experience this magical sight while also playing the sport you love.


Lofoten Links is one of the few courses in the world to offer nonstop golf, which means you can play 24 hours in a row…if you can!

From end of August until mid-October, you can play golf at daytime and experience another phenomenon called the northern lights in the evening and at night.


Our Lofoten Links Lodges are one of the best places to experience both of these enchanting light shows (and they are located 1km away from the golf course).  That is because they all face north, out into the vast sea, where both the midnight sun and northern lights are the most visible.


Read more about this under “Accommodation” on this site: Lofoten Links Lodges


We offer both midnight sun and northern lights packages for the golf adventurer who would like to experience something extraordinary and unique.




The course has four different tees, offering enjoyment and challenges to ALL levels of golfers. For more information, see SCORECARD and COURSE GUIDE.


  • Seaside links course – Par 71
  • Tee 61 (Course Length 6092 m)
  • Tee 56 (Course Length 5499 m)
  • Tee 48 (Course Length 4804 m)
  • Tee 42 (Course Length 4216 m)
  • Clubhouse with a café, Pro-shop and rental clubs.
  • Driving range, putting- and chipping greens.
  • Architect: Jeremy Turner
  • Accommodation in high standard Lodges, 18 hotel rooms.


Rich Norse history


The course is located at Hov on Gimsøya island. Hov is an old Viking site with many historical relics. Among others, there are two tombs from the Viking Ages on the course. Historians believe Viking chieftain Tore Hjort, who is mentioned in the Viking sagas, originated from this area.


A variety of birdlife


On Lofoten Links, bird lovers may discover rare and exciting species such as sea eagles, black-tailed curlew, grouse, oystercatchers, starlings, ducks and seabirds like cormorants, gannets and eider. Loons, red-throated divers, whimbrels and curlews are hatching on or in the vicinity of the course. Every year large flocks of migratory birds, such as pink-footed geese and greylag geese, are observed from the course.

Painting in color of layout July 2015 JPEG


Hole in one