COURSE STATUS –  We are closed for the season.  See you in May 2024!


Please kindly check-in at reception BEFORE EACH ROUND

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Season 2023: We are closed for the season.  See you in May 2024!



Midnight Sun Golf: From mid May until early August you can play golf 24 hours a day! How many rounds can you play? Come find out and see if you can break the current Guinness World Record held by Michael McMeekin for 30 hours of consecutive play!  We also had a guest play 7.5 rounds in 24 hours!


The Northern Lights: From mid- August, it becomes dark enough again to start seeing the northern lights.  During this time it is possible to play golf by day and  see the northern lights at night!


Walk or Drive? We recommend leaving the golf cart behind and walking at least one round (if not more) on the course, either by carrying your bag or using a trolley (we offer manual and electric).  Lofoten Links is a course full of nuances and discoveries.  One of the things that makes our course special is the way the lighting and weather change so often – no round is ever quite the same . We also experience Arctic lighting – meaning we have special phenomena like the midnight sun and the northern lights.  Both of these, along with the long summer days, showcase our course in a different light, literally. Reflections from the sea and shadows cast from the mountains are yet another aspect of magical lighting created here. This is why we recommend that you walk the course and take the time to let the landscape engulf you.


Please keep in mind that we charge a penalty fee of DOUBLE green fee if you don’t check in at reception before you play.