Lofoten Links on CNN’s “Living Golf”

Lofoten Links on CNN’s “Living Golf”


We are honored and super excited to be featured on CNN’s Living Golf series.  The Jazzy Golfer and her team visited Norway for a special episode about golf in Norway and one of their stops was Lofoten Links.  The weather showed it’s true colors and welcomed them with open arms, allowing Jazzy, along with daily manger Frode Hov,  to play a round of golf under the hues of the midnight sun.


In the episode, Jazzy tells her audience, “…in the land where the sun doesn’t set, join me for a once in a lifetime experience as I play one of the greatest golf courses on the planet.”


Moments like these are special to us because playing golf at midnight and immersing yourself into the magic of it is something that must be experienced first hand to understand.  We can try to explain it over and over again, but it’s beyond words.


Hence why Jazzy goes on to describe Lofoten Links as “one of the most unique golfing experiences on the planet” and that ” [she] was lucky enough to experience this [her]self.” 


Lofoten Links does offer golf like never before.  During the summer months, as you see in the episode, the sun doesn’t set for almost 55 days.  The marvel of the midnight sun segues beautifully into the marvel of the northern lights, which you can see dancing in the sky after your round of golf come mid- August to mid-October, when we close for the season.



Big shout out to the wonderful CNN team who came up the the Arctic Circle to visit us. Thanks for the feature.

We hope that it will allow us to expand our reach and thus share the spectacular lighting, nature and landscape that make us distinctly Lofoten Links with even more people.


Watch the full episode of Living Golf on CNN here